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Australian Academy of Boxing Team
Ross, Dereck, Julie & Dane Herbert
The Australian Academy of Boxing offers everyone interested in boxing orientated fields of enjoyable cross-training exercise annual online membership for just $69 to view exclusive Golden Gloves/White Collar Boxing and Boxacise competition write-ups, video clips, plus how-to basic, intermediate, and advanced boxing move and punch information from the Boxing Insights & Critique Series and AAB Sports & Fitness Manual.

Online Membership is a licence update for Australian Academy of Boxing qualified Boxacise and Boxing coaches with online members issued a password allowing entry to
website subscription pages by clicking the members door and entering their password.

Simply call or send us a request for Australian Academy of Boxing Online Membership with your name, address, telephone number and a Cheque or Money Order for $69. Payment may also be made by Direct Bank Transfer.
03 5662 0029 or EMAIL

'Boxing & Exercise
Skills Training'

---available on DVD---
The ABC of cross-training fitness, coordinated movement, and correct punching, utilising your home or gymnasium Punch Bag, Floor to Ceiling Ball, and Speedball.

The B.E.S.T. Series comprises 30 videos on 10 DVD's. Each step by step 3 video sequence DVD may be purchased for just $29.97 with a special 10 DVD bundle price of $269.70 plus a bonus one year free Australian Academy of Boxing Online Membership, an all up saving of $99.
Makes a great gift for one of the family.

Reflex Co-ordination Power

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Boxacise® & Boxing
Fitness and Sports Training
Evening Sessions

Personal Training
Daytime Sessions Available

Fitness & Sports Training
building reflex-co-ordination,
speed, strength & power

Golden Gloves Boxing®
& White Collar Boxing®
Self-Defence Boxing Training
for the whole family

'Skipping Tuition And Rope Training' DVD
Skip just like a boxer with the 'Skipping Tuition And Rope Training' DVD. The S.T.A.R.T. DVD shows the easy boxing way to skip, the ropes, the freestyle moves, plus the how-to skipping of various space circuits. Skimming® space circuits challenge our minds and coordination whilst enjoyably building great fitness.
S.T.A.R.T skipping like a boxer for just $49

Video Speedball Training Tutorials
check out Video Downloads on our website
or Contact Us

The Speedball Slayer
Boxacise® Benefits:
  • Sharper Reflexes
  • Co-ordination & Body Rhythm
  • Greater General Fitness
  • Heightened Self Esteem
  • Total Body Balance
  • The Athletic Edge
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Toning
  • Look Good, Feel Good
Boxacise® to improve health and fitness, gain muscle tone, and lose excess fat is
Just a phone call away on
03 5662 0029

The Australian Academy of Boxing provides general coaching sessions plus one on one personal training for people who want only the best fitness training.
Boxacise® is for EveryBody!
'Guardianship Philosophy'©
The training of our mind and muscular skeletal body systems
to work as a proficient structurally co-ordinated unit.

We are each the sole guardian of our own personal physical structure that requires focused care and defence, for long-term survival. Whilst personal caring needs to guard us from ourselves, defence and survival, needs total faculty co-ordination so that we have every physical chance of achieving our chosen goals.

In keeping with the present day mass uplifting of the human spirit the following hymn was written and composed

'Backs Against The Wall'
Battle Hymn Of Freedom
Copyright© Music & Lyrics - Dereck Herbert.

Video Clip
Fitness & Sports training that focuses on building reflex-co-ordination
speed, strength & power

The Original Academy

Video Clip
See Lions Boxing in Leongatha at:
Academy of Boxing,
5A Sawyer Street,
Leongatha, Victoria,
Australia 3953.
AAB Sports®
Video Training Tutorials,
training, equipment, competition &
course information

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