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Boxercise Network

Australian Academy of Boxing AAB Sports® & Fitness National Network member centres are licensed to provide the distinctive registered trademark proprietary sports and fitness services of the Academy on the basis that instructors are qualified to teach and coach that particular service.

AAB Sports®
& Fitness Network Services are:
  • Boxacise® - Boxercise
  • CMS Kickbox-ercise
  • A.A.B. Golden Gloves Boxing®
  • White Collar Boxing®
  • Executive Boxing®
Your nearest Boxacise fitness & sports training Centre that focuses on building reflex-co-ordination, speed, strength, power, improving your muscle toning, and health is
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The Australian Academy of Boxing trademark Boxercise is the direct and often used derivative of the registered trademark Boxacise®. In 1987 the idea was formed to create a facility that would provide boxing and boxing orientated exercise for general public participation. The Australian Academy of Boxing came into being on the 24th January 1990 and an exercise concept that focused on reflex co-ordination, power projection and fitness through the utilisation of specialised exercises and equipment instead of boxing self-defence was given the separate distinctive name of 'Boxacise' an amalgamation of the words 'boxing and exercise'.

Boxacise encompasses the Boxercise derivative with the spelling variance making no difference to the Boxacise registered trademark's parameter. The Academy licenses fitness facilities and coaches throughout Australia to provide and teach this service but has been inevitably required over the years to take many trademark pirate organisations within the Fitness and Martial Arts industries to the Federal Court of Australia for illegally trying to dupe the public with unlicensed offerings.

The Australian general public needs to be safeguarded against unlicensed organisations using Boxacise, Boxercise, Kick Boxercise or other derivatives to falsely promote their commercial services and with regard to public safety and awareness the Academy decided in 2006 to publicise the names of nine organisations that had been issued trademark infringement notices because:

  • (a) the organisation had not, or was not registered with the Australian Academy of Boxing to provide the licensed service.
  • (b) the organisation failed to immediately cease infringing the trademark and continued to advertise a false and illegal service.
  • (c) The Australian Academy of Boxing had authorised its lawyers to initiate Federal Court legal action.
Each organisations name was only removed from the infringement list when it either became licensed, ceased any further visual-oral infringement, or Australian Federal Court proceedings had been concluded.

--- And then there were none! ---

Red Corner: Academy Network Trademark Team Score 9

BlueCorner: Unlicensed Infringing Centre's Team Score 0

  • The 9 unlicenced fitness and martial arts centres using the Boxacise trademark derivatives Boxercise or Kick Boxercise taken by the Australian Academy of Boxing before the Federal Court all lost.

The Academy provides a Nationwide Network of Boxacise licenced Centres, along with Coaching Workshops, Courses, and Competition Events. Check if your exercise facility is licensed with the Australian Academy of Boxing and uses qualified coaches to safely provide the Boxacise-Boxercise service. If your centre is not licensed to provide Boxacise-Boxercise send the Academy a session timetable plus attendance cost and we will contact them. Remember that an unqualified coach can be a dangerous coach and you should immediately seek a full refund of your facility membership.

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