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Boxercise History
In 1991 the Australian Academy of Boxing began registering a Network of Victorian fitness centres interested in our new Boxacise fitness service with sessions initially conducted by Academy coaches. At that time hardly any fitness centre had boxing equipment and sports stores did not sell speedballs and floor to ceiling balls although they might have a heavy boxing punch bag in stock if you were lucky. The normal boxing gymnasium had some heavy punch bags with an occasional floor to ceiling ball, some skipping ropes, a medicine ball, and bag gloves. Very rarely could a boxing gym be found that had a speedball or if they did it needed to be inflated.

In 1992 the Network of Centres expanded in Victoria with Boxacise Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Courses and Boxacise sports competitions commencing.

The Original Academy

Due to the scarcity of equipment the Academy made contact with a chap called Peter Hickmott who made quality speedballs and floor to ceiling balls from his backyard under the name Jim Bradley Speedball Company. This company sold their gear to the occasional professional runner and football club. Peter came to the Academy and agreed to make the specific design changes required for us to on sell into gymnasiums. Peter also began to make a family of Boxacise punch bags and a 16" floor to ceiling ball to Academy design specifications. We sold this equipment into all our registered gymnasiums and today that quality Australian brand may be found in all corners of the world. The Academy supplies Speedball Training Tutorial Videos.
In 1993 Boxacise Centres were opened and coaching courses conducted in South Australia, Tasmania, and New South Wales.
Peter Hickmott sadly passed away in August 2015 from Mesothelioma having been exposed as a youngster to asbestos.

In 1994 the first Boxacise Centre was opened in New Zealand and Queensland with coaching courses conducted.
In 1996 the first Boxacise Centre was opened and coaching course conducted in the A.C.T.
In 1997 the first Boxacise Centre opened in the Northern Territory.
In 1998 the first Western Australian Boxacise Centre opened and coaching accreditation course held.
In July 2004 a Boxacise Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Course was conducted at Bodynamics, Alice Springs and in September the Australian Academy of Boxing conducted the one hundred and third course plus numerous workshops at and from its Golden Gloves Boxing Gymnasium & Conference Centre.
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skilled Floor to Ceiling Ball action.

The Australian Boxacise® trademark was in use and registered before any derivative came into use, and since the journey began the Academy has changed the face of the sports and fitness industry not only in Australia but internationally through our promotion, coaches, and as other organisations have opted to copy a good thing. Most sports stores now sell speedballs, floor to ceiling balls, skipping ropes, bags and gloves and most fitness centres provide them for their members.
The Academy also provides Video Training Tutorials.

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