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Boxercise Courses

The Australian Academy of Boxing is the National Authority for the proprietary Boxacise® - Boxercise trademark sports and fitness product conducting Boxacise Accreditation Courses and Workshops throughout Australia. The Boxacise Level 1 Accreditation Course attendance is a prerequisite to attaining A.A.B. Golden Gloves/White Collar Boxing Level 1 Accreditation see &
for more information on becoming a top Boxing Coach.

Boxacise® Level 1 Coaching Accreditation Course:
  • Duration - 23 hours
  • Theory, technical and practical aspects of the Boxacise sports concept.
  • The Boxacise training format and equipment.
  • Coach familiarisation with Boxacise equipment.
  • Group coaching within the training format.
  • Safety aspects.
  • Practical hands on coaching experience.

Next Boxacise Level 1 Course
Date to be advised
Australian Academy of Boxing
Gymnasium & Conference Centre
Attendance Cost: $360

Boxacise Level 1 Course attendance is a prerequisite for
A.A.B. Golden Gloves & White Collar Boxing Coach Accreditation

Call the
Australian Academy of Boxing
for an application on 03 5662 0029

'Boxing & Exercise Skills Training' DVD
The ABC of cross-training fitness, coordinated movement, and correct punching, utilising your home or gymnasium Punch Bag, Floor to Ceiling Ball, and Speedball.

The B.E.S.T. Series comprises 30 videos on 10 DVD's. Each step by step 3 video sequence DVD may be purchased for just $29.97 with a special 10 DVD bundle price of $269.70 plus a bonus one year free Australian Academy of Boxing Online Membership, an all up saving of $99.

'Skipping Tuition And Rope Training' DVD
Skip just like a boxer with the 'Skipping Tuition And Rope Training' DVD. The S.T.A.R.T. DVD shows the easy boxing way to skip, the ropes, the freestyle moves, plus the how-to skipping of various space circuits. Skimming® space circuits challenge our minds and coordination whilst enjoyably building great fitness.
S.T.A.R.T skipping like a boxer for just $49

Boxacise® Level 2 Coaching Accreditation Course:
  • Duration - 60 hours
  • 30 hours practical, technical, and theory of the principle sciences and skills appertaining to Boxacise sports specific coaching.
  • 30 hour Level 2 Coaching Principles Course, a component of the National Coaches Accreditation Scheme.
Boxacise® Workshops:
  • Duration - 4 hours
  • Focus Pads Workshop.
  • Boxacise Core Equipment Workshop.

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